Malegra FXT and Malegra DXT (Plus) buy online

Malegra FXT and Malegra DXT (Plus) buy online.

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Analogs Of Malegra.

Malegra – is a modern drug for treating erectile disorders and premature ejaculation. Due to the fact that the product has a similar structure and mechanism of action, it is an analogue of Viagra. Unlike the original, this means a low incidence of adverse reactions of the body and has fewer contraindications.
This favorable difference is made possible thanks to an improved drug formula and the presence of ancillary components, which soften the effects of the active substance sildenafil. Malegra shows men with poor potency, reduced sexual vigor and sexual dissatisfaction. The product is effective in normalizing the hormonal levels and increase testosterone levels. Already after the first dose, he prolongs sexual intercourse up to three times. Malegra can be taken occasionally to prolong sexual intercourse, or a course of treatment for a qualitative systematic premature ejaculation.

Malegra how the
The mode of action is to suppress Malegra ejaculation and increased blood flow to the pelvic organs. Due to the active ingredient drug relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis. This effect not only increases the flexibility and elasticity of body muscle tissue, making it more sensitive, but also provides a healthy blood circulation inside the genitals.
As a result of increased blood inflow erection in men is achieved much faster, it becomes stronger and persists for several hours. Slowing ejaculation occurs by blocking the action of the enzyme PDE-5, which is responsible for ejaculation and narrowing of the blood vessels of the penis. Thanks to the relaxing effect of the drug vessels to dilate, which promotes quality nutrition cavernous calf muscle and holding a long intercourse. Furthermore, the effect of sildenafil allows to obtain the necessary amount of oxygen.

Malegra reading
The main indication for the use of the drug Malegra is the presence of erectile dysfunction. This pathology manifests itself weak and short-lived erections, premature ejaculation, low sexual energy, the partial or complete absence of erection.
The last symptom is usually said about the threat of impotence, erectile disorders therefore should be of high quality, regular and long. Clinical trials have shown that the four-week course of treatment Malegroy significantly improves sexual health. After treatment, most patients feel a surge of vitality and energy, strengthening erections and increase the duration of intimacy.
Malegra no less effective for the treatment of prostatitis and infertility. In these diseases, the product can be used as an adjuvant. Malegra has an excellent protective effect. Its components have anti-viral and anti-microbial properties that restore the healthy microflora of the pelvic organs. In addition, the chronic administration of the product at the man there is an increase in testosterone levels and normalization of hormonal levels.

Malegra effect
Malegra prompt action and, at the same time, safe for the organism. The drug starts to work after only an hour after ingestion, and its effect lasts for six hours. Under the influence of money in men increased sexual experiences, sexual organ enhanced sensitivity and the erogenous zones, the penis increases of two to four centimeters, and the erection becomes more stable and long-term.
Increased testosterone that is seen with regular use of the product is due to the rupture of relations with hormone proteins. As a result, the level of free testosterone increases, and with increased potency and sexual activity with him. Malegra has a positive impact on the quality of reproductive function, increasing semen production and sperm increasing speed.

Malegra contraindications
Malegra has effective action and consists of a powerful selective agents. This tool has a number of contraindications, in which use of sildenafil may cause serious harm to the body. First of all, the drug is absolutely contraindicated with hypersensitivity to sildenafil. Using Malegry allergy to the active component may cause severe complications and in some cases death. Before taking this product it is necessary to exclude the presence of individual intolerance. Start using the medication is recommended with a minimum dose.
Malegra also contraindicated in severe heart disease, kidney and liver. The drug is dangerous for men with epilepsy. Contraindication is a medical condition in which a person is not recommended for sexual activity (eg, heart attack or stroke). Malegra can not be used for women, minors young people, young children and men over 65 years. Also contraindications include injury to the penis and the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.

Malegra intake with alcohol
Malegra drug is not compatible with alcohol. Ethanol reduces the level of efficiency of mineral trace elements. By its action in the body decreases the rate of absorption of the drug into the bloodstream. In addition, sildenafil increases the concentration of alcohol in plasma, which in turn can cause enhanced expression of adverse reactions and serious health problems. It should be understood that even a small dose of liquor in conjunction with Malegra may cause unexpected reaction of the body, poisoning and intoxication.

Malegra reception with fatty foods
Experts do not recommend to eat fatty foods during the period of treatment with drugs to increase potency and eliminate erectile dysfunction. Vegetable and animal fats prevent rapid absorption of useful trace elements into the bloodstream, resulting in product effect occurs much later than the expected time. In this case Malegra can not give a positive effect. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction with this drug the man recommended to eat light foods that are low or moderate in fat (30-35%).

Malegra side effects
Malegra cause side effects if you are hypersensitive to the active substance or an overdose. In such cases, a man may occur following adverse reactions of the body: headache, dizziness, temporary disruption of visual acuity, increased eye sensitivity to light, light rhinitis symptoms, nausea, vomiting, upset the gastrointestinal tract, increased body temperature, redness of the face and neck , tachycardia, spasms in the lumbar region.
These side effects are not a direct threat to the body. Almost 100% of the time they are within one or two hours, without the use of additional medication. When the manifestation of severe and prolonged adverse reactions person should seek medical care. At the hospital, the doctor will conduct a series of surveys and prescribe symptomatic therapy.

Malegra overdose
If overdose Malegra the man manifested reinforced side effects. Among the first symptoms of overdose include: severe headache beggars, nausea and vomiting, cutting pain in the eyes, increased body temperature and blood pressure, weakness. The drug at high doses is harmful to the body. Severe overdose can cause serious poisoning, in which should go to the hospital. With an overdose of selective inhibitors of patients compulsorily assigned stomach lavage with potassium permanganate.

Malegra interactions with other drugs
Malegra not compatible with a number of potent drugs. The drug should not be taken together with the nitrogen donators, inhibitors of other enzymes, nitrates all groups, medicines to treat HIV, antidepressants, amphetamines. In the treatment of substances which are not mentioned above, prior to use Malegra recommended to consult a specialist and undergo a medical examination. Admission Malegra incompatible drugs is dangerous not only to the emergence of adverse reactions, but serious complications. The product can be used in conjunction with vitamins, dietary supplements, mineral complexes.

Malegra Dosing and Administration
Malegra should be taken one hour before the start of sexual intimacy. The tablet or its part must be washed down with water or other liquid that does not contain alcohol. The maximum daily dose is 100 milligrams (one tablet). The manufacturer recommends taking the drug at a lower dose (50 mg).
Men are elderly, and patients with chronic diseases of the heart, blood vessels and liver should reduce the dose to a quarter of a tablet (25 mg). Malegra suitable for daily use. In the treatment of erectile disorder remedy can be used for three to four weeks. Before receiving read the instructions. Do not use the product after the expiration date. Keep it should be in a dry, dark and cool room at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.